About the Hubler

Making a decision while crossing a bridge, a reality check about growth expectations while driving on the freeway, having an aha-moment when you’re stuck in traffic. In my two years as an Executive Hitchhiker at the Hubler, I have seen it all. Actually, I have actively participated in the whole process.

The Hubler, that was me, Vincent Pieterse. The whole idea came to life when, out of the blue, I asked myself: why am I confining myself to the static surroundings of a meeting room or hotel suite as an executive coach?

Personally, I have always felt that executive coaching was about movement, about making progress as a human being and a top decision-maker.

It is in motion that things happen; there’s a reason the best ideas arise during travel. When in transit, you literally leave things behind, get off the rollercoaster of everyday life.

This is exactly how the idea for The Hubler, executive hitchhiking, was born: an executive coach rides along in the back seat of your private or executive vehicle, at a flat rate per kilometer instead of per hour.

The launch caused many thumbs to go up in C-suites across the country. That remains so to this day and therefore “I” became “we”. You can now pick from two Vincents as executive hitchhiker.

Additionally, we can now show up on your doorstep in our own luxury automobile. With our own back seat that is just as comfortable, discreet, and confidential as yours. At the same flat rate of 21 euros per kilometer (and an additional fee of 5 euros per km for our driver).

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Vincent Pieterse

Hitchhiker from the very start

Herbert van Hoogdalem

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