Dr. Vincent Pieterse

Vincent is not just any executive coach. He is an acknowledged executive coach, leadership development expert and author. Vincent holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a specialization in Leadership and Organizational Culture. Executive Coach at the IMD Business School. He was personally trained by John Mattone (Executive Coach to the late Steve jobs) as a Intelligent Leadership Master Certified Coach. A member of Forbes Coaches Council and the International Coaching Federation. And much, much more. But titles have no meaning, he says. You have to practice what you preach; and that he does.

With over 25 years of global experience, having studied and worked in both Europe and the US, he has collaborated with executives from Fortune 500 corporations, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and young talents across various countries, including Europe, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Singapore, to enhance their personal leadership capabilities and effectiveness.

Vincent knows how to delve deeply into the (personal) leadership issues at hand. He perceives himself as a coaching artist, besides being a top-level advisor and researcher.

Before becoming a coach, he spent 10+ years in leadership roles like Program Director, Business Unit Executive and School Principal.

The driving force behind his coaching philosophy is a keen interest in understanding what motivates individuals. His approach to learning is rooted in the sociology of everyday life, a perspective within social constructivism that suggests our thoughts, language meaning, attitudes, behaviors, personal identity, and group culture all originate from social interactions among and between individuals and groups.

He is inspired by art and language, believing that the names we give things shape our perception of them. He aims to highlight the positive, liberate what’s trapped by casting new light on it, and approach abstract organizational challenges with a creative mindset that seamlessly integrates theory, strategy, and practice.

These skills, he knows, best come to fruition when shared unencumbered, one-on-one, in the back of the car.

He views Executive Coaching as a meaningful journey of self-discovery, enabling leaders to unlock and unleash their full potential, thereby delivering greater value and abundance to the people and organizations they serve.

He is an active member of the International Coaching Federation, an Honorary Fellow at the Business School of the University of Leicester (UK), an Executive Coach at IMD Business School (CH), an Associate at de Baak Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (NL), and a Lecturer at the School of Business and Economics of VU University Amsterdam (NL).

He has published and co-edited several books and articles on leadership and has presented his work at conferences across Europe and the US.