The Uber Of
Executive Coaches.

The Uber Of
Executive Coaches.

You know this much: stagnation means decline. But you also know that you don’t know everything. On your road to success, you need to occasionally confer with an expert who quickly recognizes your issues, and the solutions and possibilities that lie ahead.

Executive coaching can be done outside, in nature. Or in a fluorescent-lit room with a flipchart or whiteboard, and post-its in various colors. But time is money, and walls have ears. So why not ride in the back of an executive sedan with your own personal advisor in discreet comfort?

This is how The Hubler was founded – on the idea of letting an Executive Hitchhiker ride along with what’s on your mind.

An innovative approach on all levels, if we do say so ourselves. It turns out we are correct; we get nothing but thumbs up along the way. So many, in fact, that you can now choose from two Executive Hitchhikers.

Two experts in their respective fields; both are equipped with decades of knowledge and experience in C-level coaching. We stand for discretion, efficiency, and sharp insights.

The most powerful leadership truth is that failure almost always precedes success, yet the most powerful leadership irony is that success is often the first step to failure.

John Mattone
50 Laws Of Intelligent Leadership #9

To know how to get to your destination you have to know where you are now.

John Mattone
50 Laws Of Intelligent Leadership #31

While the game of success remains largely the same, the tools to produce success evolve.

John Mattone
50 Laws Of Intelligent Leadership #39

“Vincent asks the right questions, has a very good understanding of the human behavior and has a lot of experience. Next to this, he listens, is a good communicator, approachable and very flexible. This really adds value and makes the difference.”

Roy Blokvoort
People & Culture Projects Manager Benelux at Japan Tobacco International

“I have really learned important skills from Vincent that will help me professionally and personally. He guided me and made me strengthen my focus on all that I ever want to achieve.”

Naif Dakeelallah Al-Aamri
Investment Process Department Manager at Saudi Electricity Company

“I would like to express my full appreciation to your support and coaching throughout this journey. Indeed, it was  interesting, distinguished and novel in its execution.”

Abdulaziz Alnasser
Department Manager, Design & Engineering at Saudi Electricity Company


Vincent Pieterse hitchhiker from the very start. He has been joined by Herbert van Hoogdalem, an exceptionally creative and strategic mind from the crypts of MarCom.

Two unique personalities who exude the joy of reflecting and conferring. Two travel companions that both want nothing more than for you to get out of that car with more wisdom and riches than before.

The executive hitchhikers

Dr. Vincent Pieterse

Hitchhiker from the very start

Herbert van Hoogdalem

The Creative-Strategic Mind

the hubler Services

the hubler Services

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