Herbert van Hoogdalem

Herbert is the bam-right-between-the-ears man. Impossible not to be, coming from the ruthless world of advertising and marketing. If you are judged anywhere on your ability to reduce complicated issues to an idea that makes housewives dance on the table, it is there. He learned, up close, what being an entrepreneur means and that there is no problem that cannot be solved. 

As a person, he grew from the countless errors that he was allowed to make (as long as you came up with something better quickly). His road has been one of getting up, going down, and promptly rising stronger than ever.

As a business coach, he helps people and brands to rediscover Magic & Inspiration. Making better choices, working smarter, and acting according to who or what you truly are. No longer afraid of boundaries, restrictions, and frameworks, but laughing about them joyfully. And at yourself, on occasion, because those who can are so much stronger than those who sulk. 

Herbert is a cheerful storm of creativity, a man with a soul and a big heart. A Mr. Positivity? He takes that as a compliment and thanks you. Seeing possibilities, taking off the breaks, going full throttle. Getting the most out of everything you encounter, because then you get more than you ever believed possible. That’s Herbert.