The Hubler
On Your Back Seat

This was and is our first option: we travel with you in the back seat of your own private or executive vehicle, your most trusted and trustworthy environment.

Outside, the world glides by. Inside, thoughts get the space and quiet they need to develop. Being in transit gets you off the rollercoaster of everyday life and frees up your mind. It creates room to think out loud, reflect, and chat about everything that’s on your mind. Businesswise and as a person with great responsibilities. What you discuss will remain within the confines of the car and will travel no further than the brain of your Executive Hitchhiker.

“The Hubler asks the right questions, has a very good understanding of the human behavior and has a lot of experience. Next to this, he listens, is a good communicator, approachable and very flexible. This really adds value and makes the difference.”

Roy Blokvoort
People & Culture Projects Manager Benelux at Japan Tobacco International

“I have really learned important skills from The Hubler that will help me professionally and personally. The Hubler guided me and made me strengthen my focus on all that I ever want to achieve.”

Naif Dakeelallah Al-Aamri
Investment Process Department Manager at Saudi Electricity Company

“I would like to express my full appreciation to your support and coaching throughout this journey. Indeed, it was  interesting, distinguished and novel in its execution.”

Abdulaziz Alnasser
Department Manager, Design & Engineering at Saudi Electricity Company

“The Hubler is able to share his experience, transmitting vision and a sense of resilience.”

Fabrizio Conicella
General Manager and Board member at OpenZone

“Excellent coaching and guidance on real-world situations that aren’t necessarily present in the theory on strategy execution.”

Juan Avellan
Group Security Risk & Compliance Director at Richemont

“What makes The Hubler stand out as a thoughtful strategic management and leadership coach, is his ability to draw valuable lessons and conclusions from real-world experiences.”

Abdelaziz Elmarzougui
Senior Specialist, Strategy and Business Planning at African Export-Import Bank


What’s this? Do we want to score points with the PowerPoint phenomenon that is bullet points? No reviews of the wonderful experiences others have had with The Hubler? No ego-boosting quotes? 

That sounds too simple. And you are right! Still, this is how we will proceed. Because we are to the point. Something you will experience once you are in the back seat with one of us. It is part of our DNA. 

  • Strategic Management;
  • (Personal) Leadership;
  • Learning How To Organize; 
  • Professional Development;
  • Organizational Culture;
  • Innovation;
  • (Business) Coaching;
  • Creativity;
  • Entrepreneurship.

What will we talk about? Well, it’s your call! When the thing you need to seriously discuss is not listed above, fear not, just call; everything is open for discussion.